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Getting the services you need during an emergency is critical to your operations. The OGS Design and Construction group provides emergency contracting services to client agencies for numerous emergency conditions. Personnel are on call 24/7/365 to respond to any construction emergency.

What is a Construction Emergency?

Article 2 of the Public Buildings Law, Paragraph 9 defines Construction Emergencies. A "construction emergency" is damage to or a malfunction in buildings or property of the State of New York caused by an unanticipated, sudden and unexpected occurrence which involves a pressing necessity for immediate repair, reconstruction or maintenance in order to permit the safe continuation of a necessary public use or function, or to protect the property of the State of New York, or the life, health and safety of any person.

Get Authorized to Request OGS Construction Emergency Services

Before a construction emergency happens, be sure your state agency is authorized by OGS to participate in the emergency contracting program. To become authorized, the Director or Commissioner of an agency must send a letter of introduction and intent to the OGS commissioner in order to be included in the OGS emergency contracting program.

Check to see if your agency is already on the authorized list:

List of Authorized Agencies

How to Declare an Emergency and Receive OGS Construction Emergency Services

  1. An authorized agency representative (or his/her designee) must call Design & Construction to request emergency contracting assistance. See the table below of Who to Contact.

  2. An authorized agency representative (or his/her designee) must complete the Declaration of Emergency (BDC 318) Form and email it to OGS at

    • If the emergency occurs after hours (4:00 p.m. to 7:30 a.m.) the authorized agency representative may submit the Declaration of Emergency Form the next business day.
    • If the Declaration of Emergency Form is emailed by an authorized agency representative's designee, the authorized agency representative must be copied on the email to OGS.

Who to Contact

First Contact the Emergency Coordinator or Assistant Emergency Coordinator
Name Title Phone Email
John Pupons Emergency Coordinator (518) 429-3667
If the Emergency Coordinator is unavailable, contact the Assistant Director of Division of Construction
Name Title Phone Email
Michael Convertino, AIA Assistant Director of Division of Construction (518) 265-0020
If the Assistant Director is unavailable, contact the Regional Supervisor where emergency is located
Name Region Phone Email
Prisca Brunson Region 1 - Long Island (917) 468-2855
Leo Chao, P.E. Region 2 - NYC (914) 557-4231
John Kochem Region 3 - Mid-Hudson (518) 928-1941
Vincent DeRubertis, P.E. Region 4 - Capital Region (518) 376-7217
Andy Jarmak, P.E. Region 5 - North Country (518) 857-0091
Mark Barker, P.E. Region 6 - Central NY (315) 559-2848
Jake Samulski, P.E. Region 7 - Western NY (716) 998-0399
If the Regional Supervisor is unavailable, contact the Regional Assistant Director where emergency is located
Name Region Phone Email
Leo Chao, P.E. Region 1, 2, 3 (914) 557-4231
Michael Convertino, AIA Region 4 (518) 265-0020
Andy Jarmak, P.E. Regions 5, 6, 7 (518) 857-0091

What Happens Next?

Information for Contractors: How to Join the Emergency Contracting Program

The Office of General Services Design & Construction (D&C) Group awards approximately 300 emergency contracts annually. Bids for emergency contracts may be taken over the phone and require an immediate response and performance of the work. Contractors who are interested in being placed on the list must satisfy the conditions specified in the Emergency Contract Bidders List Requirements.