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The OGS Energy Planning and Procurement Group is responsible for the design, oversight, policy development and administration of the centralized procurement of electricity for all OGS facilities and other certain state facility operators. The OGS energy team monitors the latest developments in the regulated and unregulated electric and natural gas markets to provide expert analysis and advice for developing and implementing energy procurement policies and strategies. OGS' goal is to reduce the state's energy expenses while keeping an eye open towards economic development opportunities. Our services for state agencies include:

  • Energy Analysis, Planning, and Consultation: As an advisory service to other state agencies, the OGS Energy Planning and Procurement Group performs market evaluations for electric energy costs and advises and directs decisions on energy supplier choices to maximize cost savings.

  • Electricity Procurement: Since 2004, OGS has been aggregating the purchase of electricity for its statewide building portfolio from the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO).  This innovative approach to electricity procurement has yielded significant energy cost savings for the state.  In August 2009, OGS’ legislative authority to purchase electricity was expanded to allow for OGS to purchase on behalf of other state agencies.  OGS offers this service to state facilities in the National Grid territory with at least a 250 kW peak load and in the New York State Electric and Gas/Rochester Electric and Gas territories with at least a 300 kW peak load.
    This buying arrangement allows customers to pay wholesale prices for electricity supply and avoid certain administrative fees levied by the utility companies. Participants in the program can expect an average annual commodity savings of four percent. As more agency facilities join in, the OGS statewide electric aggregation program has the potential to advance the growth of clean, renewable energy resources.

  • Contract Administration: OGS administers a contract with the New York Power Authority (NYPA) that allows state agencies in the Con Edison service territory to buy NYPA power directly from OGS. In addition, this contract provides resources for energy efficiency upgrade projects in facilities around the state.

  • Energy Evaluations: OGS performs analytical evaluations for state agencies in areas of renewable energy, electric and natural gas commodity costs and pipeline capacity.

  • Natural Gas Monitoring and Analysis: OGS monitors natural gas market prices to determine cost avoidance opportunities, and recommend price triggering strategies to OGS and customer agency management.

To find out more about how your agency can reduce its energy expenses, contact the OGS Energy Planning and Procurement Group.

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