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State Surplus Property Program
How to Submit a Proxy Bid for a NYS OGS Auction
  • All proxy bids must be received by the OGS State Surplus Property central office at least 48-hours prior to the starting time of the auction. Bids received after this cannot be accepted.
  • Bidders must fax (518-457-4641) or e-mail ( a copy of their drivers' license along with a contact telephone number, completed applicable tax forms, a list of the lot numbers that they wish to bid on and the bid amount for each lot.
  • Bidders must call OGS State Surplus Property at (518) 457-6335, to provide their credit card information, subsequent to sending the fax or e-mail. Please do not include credit card information with your fax or email.
  • Proxy bid information is provided to the auctioneer on the day of the auction.
  • If the proxy bid is the winning bid, the bidder's credit card is charged at the auction, consistent with the payment policy that applies to all bidders and all sales. If the proxy bid was successful, the bidder is contacted/notified after the conclusion of the auction, from the auction site.