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New York State Office of General Services - Division of Service-Disabled Veterans' Business Development

Fleet Management Services

OGS Fleet Management is responsible for the management, maintenance and procurement of OGS vehicles and the development and administration of Statewide fleet Enterprise initiatives.

Request a State Vehicle ID Number 

1.   Contact OGS Fleet Management to request a state vehicle ID number for the following types of PASSENGER vehicles:

2.   Contact the Department of Transportation at to request a state vehicle ID number for the following types of vehicles:

New York State Fuel Cards 

New York State Fuel Cards are for use at all state-owned fueling stations. The following form is for use by the agency’s fleet coordinator. If you are not your agency’s fleet coordinator, contact OGS Fleet Management.

Fleet Inventory Changes 

To request fleet inventory changes to the New York State fleet management system – including adding or removing vehicles to the state inventory, or changing information on an existing vehicle – state agency fleet coordinators must complete and submit the appropriate form below. If you are not an agency fleet coordinator, contact OGS Fleet Management.

Report an Accident 

New York State Accident Review Board ­– Submitting an Accident Report 

All New York State agencies are required to fill-out and submit a NYS Accident Review Board, Vehicle and Equipment Accident Report form if the accident resulted in any of the following:

Submit a Business Case for State Vehicles and DPAT Acquisitions 

For all State vehicles and rolling-stock assets, this business case must be used in conjunction with the policies set forth in DOB BPRM D-750 State Vehicle Acquisitions and it is required for DOB and Executive Chamber approval. Upon internal agency approval, submit your Business Case to OGS Fleet Management, then to your DOB analyst, and finally to your Deputy Secretary. Please ensure you address and answer all questions in the Business Case precisely and thoroughly.

Alternative Fueled Vehicles Information 

OGS supports the use of Alternative Fueled Vehicles to restore, preserve and protect New York’s valuable environmental resources; help to reduce air pollutants to ensure a clean environment in New York for current and future generations; and contribute to the nationwide effort to reduce dependence on foreign sources of petroleum.

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