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Mail and Freight Services

OGS provides low cost daily mail and freight delivery services to state agencies throughout New York State. Search the OGS Daily Mail Delivery Locations list to find out if your location is serviced.

Service Rates

Mail: $1.81/lb.
OGS Mail Services understands the importance of errorless delivery of sensitive documents. Upon request, OGS offers a free Confirmed Delivery Receipt (CDR) service, which enables a sending agency to affix a tracking receipt to any package. OGS can track these packages from any pickup location to any delivery point, and provide electronic signature proof of delivery. If your mailing is time sensitive or contains sensitive information, OGS recommends using the CDR service.

Freight: Rate available upon request.
Freight Services for state agencies are done by request. OGS will move freight from any daily location as well as locations that are not on our regular service routes. For unusual or large volume freight deliveries, OGS will provide the customer with a quote based on load size or other factors affecting the delivery.
Contact Information
Division of Printing and Mail Services: Mail and Freight
Tel: (518) 474-6707
Fax: (518) 474-4893

OGS Dock-Master Unit:
Tel: 518-473-2256
Fax: 518-474-3961