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State Surplus Real Property Sales
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Whom can I speak to concerning compliance with regulations regarding in-water structures?
A: Please contact the OGS Bureau of Land Management at 518-474-2195 or Email:
Q: Whom do I contact to purchase surplus state personal property, such as cars, typewriters or furniture?
A: The disposition of surplus state personal property is managed through the OGS State Surplus Property Program, which implements the sale of property through online auctions, or at statewide vehicles and equipment auctions. In contrast, the Bureau of Land Management facilitates the sale of surplus real estate property.
Q: Would the Office of General Services be interested in purchasing my land?
A: No. OGS only purchases real property for specific state uses. Try contacting the state Department of Transportation, Department of Environmental Conservation, the Dormitory Authority, or the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation.
Q: Whom do I contact about the tax assessment on my property?
A: Contact the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance-Office of Real Property Tax Services at 518-591-5232.