Office of General Services

New York State Office of General Services - Real Estate - Land Management
Land Management
The OGS Bureau of Land Management is responsible for the disposition of state surplus real property and lands under water. Land Management's services also include:
  • Research and resolution of state land title inquiries for the public or other state agencies;
  • Grants, easements, licenses and permits for lands under water;
  • Issuance of natural resources permitting for mining, discovery of minerals, and dredging;
  • Maitenance of real property inventory;
  • Mediation of riparian/littoral complaints and mediation;
  • Mapping and surveying; and
  • Geographic information systems (GIS).

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Land Management History
The origins of management for New York State's publicly-owned lands date back to the state's pre-colonial history. In 1642, the Dutch West India Company created the Surveyor General's Office for surveying and mapping lands claimed by the company's explorers, traders, and merchants. In 1784, after America gained its independence, and New York officially became a state, the state Commissioners of the Land Office was created. Its members included the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Surveyor General, Speaker of the Assembly, Secretary of State, Treasurer, Auditor and Attorney General.
Other notable milestones include:
  • 1848: Appointment of the state engineer and surveyor
  • 1927: Secretary of State given powers of the Commissioners of the Land Office, creating the Land Board
  • 1951: Creation of the Division of Land Office within the Department of State
  • 1960: All functions and powers of the Secretary of State pertaining to state lands were transferred to OGS. As a result, title to New York's Lands Under Water is held on behalf of the people of the state under the jurisdiction of OGS.