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Consultant Contract Forms

Code Review / Permits / Code Inspections*
BDC 401 Design Compliance Certification
BDC 401.1 Waiver of Construction Permit
BDC 401.1 Instr Process Flowchart for BDC 401.1
BDC 402 Uniform Code Compliance Review Checklist
BDC 403 Design Compliance Certification (Trades)
BDC 405 Construction Compliance Certification
BDC 405.1 Construction Compliance Certification for Non-OGS Permitted Work
BDC 406 Summary of Special Inspections
BDC 406.1 Statement of Special Inspections
*For all code-related forms, please email the Division of Codes & Construction Permitting at OGS.dl.D& to request the form. If available, please include the D&C project number in the subject line of your request. Project-specific, preformatted forms will be provided so that you may complete the remainder of the form and formally submit.
Consultant Contract Forms
BDC 15 Construction Manager Personnel Assignment Form
BDC 31 Sustainability Experience Survey
BDC 65-66 Consultant Fee Breakdown
BDC 190 OSC Form B
BDC 190 Instructions Instructions for OSC Form B
BDC 325 Consultant's List of Subconsultants Vendor Responsibility Review
Program Report Template
BDC 23 Information Bulletin
BDC 35.3 Document Review - Response Form
BDC 38 Request for Building Number
BDC 45 Roofing Design Checklist
BDC 151 Design Observation Report
BDC 188 Operating Impact Statement
BDC 201 Bidding and Contract Documents Transmittal
BDC 373 Space Utilization Sheet
Term Service Contract Payment Forms
BDC 74 Certified Application for Payment
Instructions for Consultant Term Service Contract Payment Submissions
Construction Wage Rate Report
BDC 178 Consultant Estimate Forms
EEO 101 EEO 101 - AE Consultants - Workforce Utilization Report (xlsm) | Instructions | Job Classifications | FAQs
BDC 25.1 Monthly Affirmation of Income Payments to MBE/WBE Subconsultant or Supplier
BDC 86 M/WBE Certified Listing Fax Request Form
BDC 327 Consultant's Utilization Plan
BDC 327 Instr Consultant's Utilization Plan Instructions
BDC 333 Application for MWBE Waiver
BDC 333 Instr Application for MWBE Waiver Instructions
BDC 58.1 Cumulative Monthly Payment Statement
BDC 58.1 Instr Cumulative Monthly Payment Statement Instructions