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Schenectady Station Building Project

The Schenectady Station Building Project consists of constructing a new Schenectady Amtrak Station. The project includes construction of a new two story station building including a main station level, mechanical room mezzanine, platform headhouses, and erection of the new platform canopy. This project also includes purchase and installation of a new elevator, finish work on the platform and for the new stairwell, site work at Main Parking lot including earthwork, drainage, paving, sidewalks, signs, lighting, and landscaping. The project also includes the decommissioning of Amtrak's Liberty St. Temporary Facilities once Amtrak has relocated to the new station building, capping existing utilities at temporary Liberty St. operations, site work at the Liberty Street parking lot including earthwork, drainage, paving, sidewalks, signs and landscaping.

The project is located at 332 Erie Boulevard, Schenectady NY. The project involves close coordination with Amtrak. The contractor will be provided track outages, as well as foul time, closely coordinated with Amtrak to accomplish work in proximity to the railroad tracks.

Pre-Bid Meeting

  • September 12th at 2:30pm - NYSDOT Office 50 Wolf Road, Albany, NY.


Project related technical questions or comments must be submitted through the Construction Contracting section of the NYSDOT Business Center on the NYSDOT website at: Contract administration or procurement questions may be submitted either through the website or directed to Robert Kitchen, or the Assistant Director/Director of the Contract Management Bureau, (518) 457-2124. Please call (518) 457-2124 if a reasonable accommodation is needed to participate in the Letting.