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Security ID Card Management
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I obtain a Security ID Card?

A: Security ID Cards can only be obtained through your agency's Authorized Security ID Card Representative. You and your Security ID Card Representative must complete the appropriate Security ID Card Application form and transmit through the OGS Security ID Card Ordering System.

Q: Are Security ID Cards also used for parking access?

A: Yes. Security ID cards are used for both building and parking access. After obtaining a new or replacement ID card, if an individual has parking privileges, he/she must contact the OGS Bureau of Parking Management to request that parking access be provided.

Q: Will I be able to access any OGS-owned/managed facility with my current card?

A: For access to any OGS-managed building where access control devices have been installed, individuals must have an OGS-issued ID card (iclass) and applicable permissions. New York State employees and vendors are given authorized building access permissions to where they work or conduct official business. An agency's Authorized Security ID Card Representative must request access permissions on behalf of a tenant or vendor. Individuals not in possession of a iclass ID card are granted entry through the building's visitor management system, or other building access protocol.

Q: Will I need to pay for a new ID card if my building brings a security access control system online?

A: It depends on your Agency, however OGS charges Agencies a $13.00 fee for all new and replacement cards.

Q: If I don't work in an OGS-owned/managed facility, can I obtain a card?

A: Cards will be made available to state employees who may need access to an OGS-owned/managed facility. Applications must be submitted through the agency's Authorized Agency Security ID Card Representative.

Q: What about ID cards for vendors/consultants who need to access an OGS-owned/managed facility?

A: If a vendor/consultant represents a company that has an Office of the State Comptroller-approved state contract with your agency, and this vendor/consultant has business in an OGS-owned/managed facility often enough to warrant a permanent New York State Security ID Card, this vendor/consultant may obtain a card. The Security ID Card Representative for the agency where the vendor/consultant is employed must submit the application on behalf of the vendor/consultant. The issued ID card will be only for the duration of the contract. On the expiration date, access to the requested building will be automatically deactivated. A $13.00 fee associated with producing this vendor/consultant ID card will be assumed by the contract vendor/consultant. Sales representatives and other vendors/consultants who do not have an Office of the State Comptroller-approved contract with their respective agency will have to access the buildings as visitors via security desks after presenting proper identification.

Q: What if I lose my ID card?

A: Please notify your agency's Authorized Security ID Card Representative immediately. They will notify the OGS Security ID Card Unit who in turn will deactivate your card. Until the replacement ID card is issued, the employee, or vendor/consultant, will be treated as a visitor when entering and exiting a building. Replacement ID cards are generally provided within five business days of the receipt of the ID card application.

Q: What if my ID card is broken or failed?

A: When an ID card is broken, it will not allow access into the building. Sometimes, a new or existing card might also fail to operate the security access equipment to allow access into the building. Failed or broken cards should be reported to your agency's Authorized Security ID Card Representative immediately, with a request for a replacement ID card.

Q: What if I don't have my card with me?

A: Employees who forget their card must present acceptable identification and will be admitted as a visitor.

Q: Can I obtain a second card or a duplicate card so I can leave one card in my vehicle for parking access?

A: No. Only one card is issued per employee.

Q: Are agency Authorized Security ID Card Representatives allowed unlimited access to employee ID card use information?

A: Agency Authorized Security ID Card Representatives, or any other agency official, will not be permitted unrequested access to employee ID card use information. If and when such information is deemed necessary, the following guidelines apply:
  • The agency official making the request must submit a signed written request to the OGS Security ID Card Program.
  • The request must include the specific information that is requested for disclosure, the person or entity that the information is to be disclosed to, and the purpose/use of the information. Requests will be reviewed by OGS Legal Services before a decision is made on whether or not to release employee ID card use data.