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Security and Emergency Management Unit
Security ID Card Management
Security ID cards are essential components of the access control system in all OGS-managed facilities. The production of ID cards is coordinated by the OGS Security ID Card Management Unit with the assistance of tenant agencies. Each tenant state agency has a designated Authorized Security ID Card Representative who is responsible for communicating to OGS their agency's ID card requirements. Agency Representatives also notify OGS when employees and vendors are separated from service.

Employees and vendors/consultants who are issued a New York State ID Card must comply with specified conditions of use. For more information, select from the options below:

All lost or stolen New York State employee/vendor ID cards should be immediately reported to the OGS Security ID Card Unit at (518) 474-6292.

Caring For Your Security ID Card
Security ID cards contain embedded chips and antenna coils. Care should be taken to follow the manufacturer's handling recommendations. Do not do any of the following actions, which can cause the ID card to malfunction or become inoperable:
  • Do not use for any purpose other than for access control or identification;
  • Do not leave in direct sunlight, such as on the dash of a car;
  • Do not expose to extreme heat or flame. For example: clothes dryer or clothes iron;
  • Do not expose to organic solvent, thinners, mineral spirits, etc;
  • Do not machine wash;
  • Do not use as an ice scraper or scraper tool;
  • Do not crimp, bend, bite or twist card;
  • Do not re-laminate;
  • Do not immerse in alcohol, isopropyl, ethanol, methyl, etc;
  • Do not pound with pen or tool;
  • Do not punch a hole or slot in the card; and
  • Do not trim to fit wallet or card holder.
Security ID Card Replacement
OGS charges agencies a $13.00 fee for all new and replacement cards except cards which have failed within 12 months of issuance.

Any ID card that shows signs of being broken in any way is considered broken, not failed, and a replacement fee will be charged. OGS Security ID Card Unit will make the final determination on whether a card is failed or broken. For more information, view the ID card Frequently Asked Questions.

Contact Information

OGS Security ID Card Unit
Room 116, Concourse
Empire State Plaza 
Albany, NY 12242 
518) 474-6292