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Division of Construction Management
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What services does the Division of Construction Management provide?
A: The Division of Construction Management (DCM) provides a broad range of architectural, engineering, estimating and construction management services.

Q: How do I initiate a project?
A: Fill out project Technical Alteration Request and send it to Space Planning.

Q: What is the basic flow of a project?
A: Tenant renovation projects and technical services can have several basic avenues of flow:
  1. Standard Tenant Renovation
    1. Project Request (from Space Planning)
    2. Space Planning Preliminary Plan
    3. Division of Construction Management Design
    4. Estimating
    5. Funding authorization
    6. Construction
  2. Tenant Renovation through Funded Accounts
    1. Project Request (from Space Planning)
    2. Space Planning Preliminary Plan
    3. Construction Services Review and Schedule
    4. Estimating
    5. Construction
  3. Tenant Renovation through Funded Accounts requested by Tenant
    1. Project Request (From Tenant)
    2. Sketch by Tenant
    3. Construction Services Review and Schedule
    4. Estimate
    5. Construction
  4. Technical Services
    1. Project Request
    2. Division of Construction Management Technical Report
    3. Client Approval and Notice to Proceed
    4. Division of Construction Management Design
    5. Estimate
    6. Funding Authorization
    7. Construction Services Schedules Work
    8. Construction

Q: How do I establish a Funded Work Account?
A: A Funding Authorization Form is automatically sent each year to agencies with an existing account. Other agencies may establish an account by contacting the Bureau of Construction Services.

Q: How do Funded Work Accounts work? A: Funded Work Accounts (FWA) are blanket accounts that allow client agencies to request work and have the costs drawn down against a set amount of money in the account. The amount is established at the beginning of each fiscal year and is based on the amount the agency spent the previous year on such projects. The purpose of a Funded work Account is to eliminate the need to create new project numbers for small routine projects. Work performed with FWAs are limited in scope and have a maximum cost of $10,000 and may include such work as minor electrical work, removal or installation of locks, or outlet removal.

Q: How do I use my Funded Work Account?
A: In order to use the funds designated for your funded work account you must submit a Work Order Request to Construction Services.

Q: How does billing work for my Funded Work Account?
A: t the end of each month you will receive a journal voucher for the cost of the work that was completed for the previous month.

Q: Who may I contact for an update about work I have requested?
A: In order to receive updates on your project, please contact the project manager if known, or send an E-mail to the Division of Construction Management with your name, the project name, project number, agency and building. Your inquiry will be forwarded to the appropriate person.

Q: What is code rule 56 compliance and how will it affect my project/work order?
A: Code Rule 56 is an asbestos related set of rules that can be found under the Department of Labor's Division of Safety & Health Code

Q: We are located in a high-rise building and would like to renovate our offices. Is it true that high-rise renovations are required to include the installation of a sprinkler system?
A: Yes. New York State Building Code defines a high-rise as a building with floors located more than 75 feet above the lowest fire department access. Section 604.2.1 of the existing Building Code requires that all work area renovations that consist of the reconfiguration of walls, doors, and windows (Level 2 alterations) in a high-rise building must include the installation of an automatic sprinkler protection system when the work area is located on a floor that has sufficient sprinkler water supply from an existing standpipe riser. Sufficient water supply is determined through an engineering analysis, costs of which are part of the renovation value funded by the tenant.

Q: Is a sprinkler system required if my office space is not in a high-rise?
A: Not necessarily. The Division of Construction Management will prepare construction drawings for the renovation work and include any necessary fire protection required by the building code applicable to the new work. Sprinklers would only be required is all of the following occur:
  • The work area exceed more than 50 percent of the floor area;
  • The work area is required to be provided with automatic sprinkler protection by the Code as applicable to new construction; and
  • The building has sufficient water supply for the design of a fire sprinkler system without installing a new fire pump.
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