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Strategic Planning and Performance Management

OGS' strategic plan ensures that agency activities are aligned with the Governor's priorities and the OGS mission. Periodically the agency creates a new strategic plan to reflect changes in the business and policy environment. In 2008, OGS undertook a broad-based strategic planning effort. OGS leaders identified six strategic goal areas that set the emphasis and direction of the agency as it carries out its mission.

For each goal, a cross-agency team of staff members with expertise in relevant functional areas developed objectives and strategies to guide the agency in pursuing the goal. The teams also proposed performance measures and other means of assessing progress in each goal area.

Business units use the resulting strategic framework to guide them in developing their own strategic and annual plans.

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Annual Planning And Performance Reviews

Every year, each business unit develops an annual plan describing the unit's contributions towards executing the agency's strategic plan during the upcoming fiscal year. Twice a year, they report on performance against their annual plan using both qualitative and quantitative results.

The annual plans and performance review reports provide context and substance for a series of semi-annual dialogues among agency leaders and business unit managers. These cross-agency priority setting sessions, which are based on OGS' six strategic goal areas, bring together staff from many business units to review results, identify challenges, and focus the agency's efforts on the activities and projects critical to achieving the agency's mission and goals.

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Performance Measurement And Performance Management

OGS has over a decade of experience with formal performance measurement. OGS' performance measures and analysis of performance data form the foundation for the business units' semi-annual performance review reports, as well as numerous other accountability purposes, including the agency's quarterly reports to the Governor. Each business unit has a portfolio of performance measures designed to gauge progress on strategic objectives, monitor and improve core business functions, and evaluate the success of key programs.

The measures and data are stored in a centralized performance measures database maintained by the Office of Organizational Effectiveness (OE) and Information Resources Management. Centralizing the data allows for control over access to the performance information, helps stabilize measure definitions and reporting, and enables agency leaders to see results from all business units through a standard user interface.

Measure development is a collaborative effort between OE and the business units.

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