A grouping of paintings hanging in the New York State Capitol.

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Featuring an Exhibit of Latino & Hispanic Artists from the Harlem Art Collection

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Which two United States Presidents visited the Capitol after they died? What happened to the "lost" Capitol murals and their eccentric artist? Does the secret demon carved in stone hold a Capitol curse? Does the night watchman who died in the Capitol Fire of 1911 still make his rounds? Explore these questions and other tales of sightings and strange things on our Special Capitol Hauntings Tour of the New York State Capitol.

Hawk Street Passage & Central Courtyard
Repairing and Renovating the Interior of the Central Courtyard

New York State is renovating the interior of the Central Courtyard and the Hawk Street Passage. The project restores a vital part of Capitol history and provides a view of the past.
New York State Capitol Courtyard, present day.

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Flags on New York State Buildings

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