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New York State Office of General Services - Real Estate - Leasing Services
Leasing Space Wanted: Project No. 5611
Project Overview

The State of New York, Office of General Services (OGS) is seeking proposals from qualified landlords interested in entering into a 10 year lease agreement pursuant to the New York State Public Buildings Law, to provide approximately 45,000-55,000 rentable square feet of general office space, within Brooklyn, for approximately 210 employees for use by the Department of Correctional Services and Community Supervision (formerly Parole) as a Reporting Office. Proposed sites must be located within close proximity to public transportation. Qualified sites cannot be located near residential areas, schools, churches, day care and child care facilities nor places where children gather. Respondents must provide confirmation that the DCCS Reporting Office will be acceptable by the local municipality at the proposed location. The demised premises must have approximately 14,000-18,000 rentable square feet on the ground floor with its own separate entrance. Reporting will strictly be limited to the ground floor space. The main building entrance, its lobby and elevators to the upper floors will only be used by staff.

Build-Out Requirements

Space requirements include: a 425 SF mailroom, (6) 100 SF privates offices, (20) 125 SF private offices, (7) 150 SF privates offices, (2) 350 SF video conference rooms, (6) 300 SF file rooms, (1) 100 SF file room, (3) 100 SF enclaves, (1) 500 SF lunchroom w/sink and (1) 125 SF secure storage room. The following additional requirements must be located on the first floor: (2) 2,000 SF waiting rooms, (2) 300 SF conference rooms, (6) unisex accessible rest-rooms, and (8) 100 SF private offices.

Green Lease Requirements

The Office of General Services supports the State of New York in its policies of conserving, improving and protecting natural resources and the environment; preventing water, air and land pollution; and enhancing the health, safety and welfare of State residents and their overall economic and social well-being by incorporating the provisions of Executive Orders 111 and 4 into State leases and promoting further sustainable environmental stewardship.

Executive Orders
  • Executive Order 111 : State Entities procuring leased space to fulfill their mandated program responsibilities are directed, to the best of their ability, to incorporate energy-efficient design, operations, and management practices, in any space they lease from private Landlords.
  • Executive Order 4: Directs State entities to green their procurements and to implement sustainability initiatives including source separating recycling practices. The Order contains an annual reporting requirement. Landlords will be requested to assist agencies in fulfilling the solid waste management section of this report.

The occupancy and lease commencement is anticipated to be approximately the Spring 2012. Proposals should be for a term of 10 years. Proposed base rental rates shall reflect the cost of a “turnkey” lease and shall include: base taxes and operating costs, janitorial service, repair and maintenance to the demised premises (including normal wear and tear) through the term, midterm painting; terms and availability of any parking available to the Tenant should be noted on the Business Terms Sheet.

Proposals should include a description of any assistance to be provided by the Landlord to the agency to aid in the generation of an annual waste stream audit as mandated under Executive Order 4, including any costs to Tenant involved. The reporting information will include the quantity and the unit of measure, i.e. tons, cubic yards, gallons, units, etc., for all solid waste and source separated materials generated by the Tenant agency on an annual basis, as well as any special wastes disposed or recycled such as fluorescent light bulbs, tires, or mercury containing equipment.

Eligibility / Qualifications / Requirements / Preferences

Proposals should include only sites within Brooklyn that provide approximately 14,000-18,000 rentable square feet on the ground floor with its own separate entrance and the other qualifications listed above.. Submissions will be accepted, in writing, only from developers with site control, property owners, or their exclusive agents. The Commissioner of the Office of General Services at her sole discretion may reject any or all submissions. NYS Finance Law Sections 139-j and 139-k imposes certain restrictions on communications between an Offerer and the State during the procurement process. An Offeror is restricted from making contact to other than designated staff (OGS Bureau Chief Leah Nicholson; OGS Leasing Agent, Paula Mirabile; OGS Planner, Jonathan Berkey) from the date of the issuance of this Web notification through final award and approval of the lease by the Office of the State Comptroller (“restricted period”).

Some major factors in determining a potential lease location are fair market value, overall move costs, equitable lease terms and targeted occupancy dates. Cost considerations, however, are of the utmost importance. Accordingly, OGS and our Tenant agencies are looking for Landlords to advance creative proposals for reducing costs and streamlining of operations in Leased Spaces.

Proposals must include a scaled architectural or CAD Drawing (AutoCAD Version 2006) of the space and a completed copy of the first 5 of the following 10 documents:

The documents may be obtained by clicking on the links.

Qualified respondents will receive a more detailed request for information package.

Proposal Due Date and Contact Information
Proposal Due Date: February 29, 2012

On or before the due date, send two (2) copies of your proposal to:

Paula Mirabile, Leasing Agent
New York State Office of General Services
Real Estate Planning and Development
Eleanor Roosevelt State State Office Building
4 Burnett Boulevard
Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

E-mail -, Facsimile 845-431-7903, Phone 845-431-7936